The Ruskin Group Theatre, 3000 Airport Avenue, Santa Monca, CA

JULY 22, 2016 - SEPTEMBER 17, 2016 FRIDAY AND SATURDAY - 8PM SUNDAY - 2PM GET YOUR TICKETS, TODAY! USE PROMO CODE "bigwalter" 15% Off - Friday and Saturday or "Sundayfunday" 25% Off - Sunday Matinee

CAST Starletta DuPois* - LENA YOUNGER/MAMA Redaric Williams - WALTER LEE YOUNGER Angelle Brooks - RUTH YOUNGER Charlotte Williams - BENEATHA YOUNGER Jaden Martin - TRAVIS YOUNGER Mohirah Hall - JOSEPH ASAGAI Kristian Kordula - GEORGE MURCHISON Jarard Kings - BOBO Josh Drennen - KARL LINDNER UNDERSTUDIES Jewel Tompkins Aaron Braxton Tarina Pouncy Raquel Rosser Tommy Ruff AJ Davis Garrett Michael Green Kevin Ragsdale Claude Sharpe

*Tony Award Nominee